Healthy Mango Orange Smoothie

Mango Orange Smoothie with Carrot and Aloe Vera

This no-fat, no added sugar fresh fruit smoothie makes an invigorating breakfast smoothie. With its thick texture and rich flavor it's one of my favorites. It's vibrant, bright orange color tells you it's packed with a load of beta-carotene benefits for better health.

I usually make fruit smoothies with tangerines as they are less acidic and usually very sweet. You will probably have good results with navel, Valencia or mandarin oranges too. It’s really important to use fresh orange juice – not pasteurized, which tends to be very acidic.

I like to juice my oranges by hand rather than whiz them in the blender. Why? I guess it’s just as quick to do it that way as it is to peel them anyway! Then if I want to use the flesh too I simply turn the empty half-oranges inside out and peel the remaining fleshy segments from them to add to the blender. This has become part of my ritual when using oranges!

Choose the ripest, sweetest mango you can find. These are often the ones sold on special offer in your supermarket or market stall as they would not last another day. Buy plenty of them and follow the tips below for freezing them until you plan to use them. You can also check out these mango fruit facts to learn more about the health benefits of this delicious fruit.

Remember to use the quantities given as a guideline only – go by the sweetness of your fruit and how thick you like your smoothies

Preparation Time
10 – 15 mins

Ingredients (for approx 1 litre smoothie)

4-5 tangerines / oranges (will yield approximately 250 ml fresh juice)
1 medium- large carrot
½ - 1 sweet mango
200-400g fresh aloe vera leaf
Ice water or ice cubes


Cut oranges or tangerines in half and juice. Extract the flesh if you plan to use it, but avoid using the pith, which can be bitter, and discard the pips.

Peel the carrot and mango and chop into small pieces. Follow this handy tip on freezing fresh fruit and you can save half the mango for another smoothie.

Place the carrot pieces in your blender with some of the orange juice and blend. Add remaining orange juice and mango and blend until smooth, adding ice water or ice as necessary.

Fillet the fresh aloe vera leaf. Directions for filleting an aloe vera leaf can be found on this page where I show you how to make aloe vera juice.

Wash and roughly chop the gel. Add this to the blender last of all and blend for approximately 10 seconds only.

Pour yourself a glass of this refreshing smoothie and store the remainder in a glass jug in the fridge until you’re ready to drink it.

Variations on this ORANGE healthy fruit smoothie recipe:
Try substituting the mango with either apricots or peach

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