What is the best blender to use?

The best blender is the one that best serves your needs.

Before rushing out to buy a blender, consider how much you can afford, where you will store it and what exactly you plan to use it for apart from making healthy diet soups and fresh fruit smoothies.

You can easily make fresh smoothies at home with either a blender, food processor or a purpose-designed smoothie machine.

If you don’t yet have any of these kitchen appliances, then buy a blender to begin with. Although a smoothie maker is an excellent appliance for making smoothies, I find that a blender is more versatile for making both smoothies and soups. Check out these tips for choosing blenders for smoothies.

You can easily start making soups and smoothies as part of a healthy diet plan with whatever appliance you currently own. Get started today! There's plenty of time to upgrade to a more powerful blender model or to invest in a cool smoothie maker later on.

If you are buying a new blender however, then choose the best appliance to suit your budget. Be prepared to buy at least a mid-range appliance as a cheap blender will probably turn out to be a false economy. As you will be using it every day, your blender needs to be strong and sturdy. Take time to compare blenders and check out blender reviews.

Remember, if you are just using the blender for your own soups and smoothies then a mid-range model will do just fine.

I've recently invested in what I consider to be my best smoothie maker so far - a Philips.

Or try checking out some of these brands;

Breville Blenders



On the other hand, if you can afford it, or if you decide to adopt a healthy diet plan based on soups and smoothies for the long term, then go ahead and invest in a high end blender such as the professional Vitamax or Blendtec models.

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