Nutritious Diet Smoothies for Healthy Weight Loss

What makes diet smoothies different to any other smoothies?

If you look at many smoothie recipes you’ll see that most popular smoothies are usually made with yogurt, ice cream or milk to give their familiar creamy texture and smooth taste.

In addition, they often contain sweeteners such as honey, sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. So, although the fruit content of smoothies does provide some nutrients and health benefits, they are definitely not low calorie, or low fat. On top of that, when commercially made, they may not even contain much whole fruit at all. Although you may think you're getting all the nutritional benefits of fresh rainbow foods, this is often not the case.

You're not going to lose weight consuming these smoothies.
Fruit smoothies for weight loss on the other hand are made from combinations of fruits that eliminate the necessity for additional sweeteners. At the same time they avoid excessive use of calorie-laden yogurt or ice-cream, which are also likely to contains artificial flavorings and preservatives too.

Healthy Mixed Fruit Smoothie

These healthy fruit smoothie recipes focus on the natural taste of fruit and are a great way of ensuring a natural supply of the nutrients your body needs as part of a healthy diet plan.

Consuming a rainbow diet of fruit smoothies, along with some of these healthy soup recipes, has a knock-on effect. Once your body is well-nourished it also tends to feel more satisfied and cravings for junk food and other empty calorie foods begin to lessen.

As you begin to eliminate processed foods from your diet you find that you want them less too. This leads you out of the vicious cycle of overeating and weight gain.

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