Best Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly

The best exercises to lose weight quickly are those that you will keep doing – regularly, routinely and enthusiastically.

That means choosing the best exercise to lose weight for you – from intense cardiac and weights workouts to a sedate stroll around the park or swim in the pool.

I’ve found from experience that it’s only combining the best exercise to lose weight with a healthy diet plan that results in successful weight loss. Dieting alone won’t give you the taut, smooth body you’re looking for, and exercise without watching your diet usually results in slow, discouraging weight loss.

The main aim of exercises to lose weight quickly is to burn up calories by increasing your heart-rate and to tone up muscles and flabby skin. It’s important to choose the kind of exercise that’s right for you – exercise that you can incorporate into your lifestyle or that you can easily adapt your lifestyle to fit.

Experts claim that it takes about two weeks to get used to new habits – so try to maintain any new exercise pattern for at least two weeks to give you a chance to really get used to it.

Take walking to lose weight for example. To lose weight walking can you walk to work, to the store or walk the children to school? Do you have a dog to take for daily walks or do you have the time to fit in a daily stroll for pleasure some time during the day. A regular walk is one of the easiest and best weight loss exercises to include in your daily routine.

If you’re used to exercising or fancy doing more than simply walking, you could try swimming to lose weight or, if you have a bicycle handy, even cycling to lose weight. If you build up your pace and speed gradually, perhaps alternating with walking, you can always lose weight running.

Many people of all ages swear by yoga to lose weight. Or try a “lose weight workout” at your local gym.

Don’t forget that by incorporating even the slightest movement into your daily routine you will gradually lose weight – or at least stop putting it on. At first, that might be the best exercise to lose weight for you in your individual situation.

If you don't have time for a longer walk, try walking that extra block to the next bus stop or getting off a stop early (especially if it keeps you out of the next fare zone!)

Yes, use the stairs for a couple of flights, not the elevator. Try doing the housework more vigorously, play around outside with the kids, anything to get your body moving.

What did I do? Well I found that the best exercise to lose weight fast for me was to start taking the dog for more walks myself instead of having the kids take him out when they went out to play. I started parking further from the school gates and walking that little bit more when picking up my son from school.

It does take effort - not physical effort to do the exercise itself but mental effort to get into the habit

To tell the truth when you start the soup and smoothie diet you’ll be rewarded with rapid weight loss and probably won’t feel like doing loads of best exercises to lose weight quickly at first.

Once your weight loss begins to stabilize, then is the time to embark on a more demanding exercise program to lose weight. You could have easily lost 10lb or more in a couple of weeks with a soup and smoothie diet and will already be feeling fitter and lighter.

What better time to look out those walking shoes from the back of the closet or unpack that swimsuit you haven’t worn for months and get moving!

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