Make Aloe Vera juice

It’s easy to make aloe vera juice at home.

Preparing a fresh aloe vera leaf to make aloe vera juice or to add to aloe vera smoothies is known as filleting the leaf.

Purchase or harvest your own fresh aloe vera leaf. You can find out more about aloe vera plants that are suitable for eating here.

Make Aloe Vera Juice in 6 Easy Steps

Make Aloe Vera Juice

1. Discard about 1-2 cm of the lower leaf base (this is the white part where the leaf attaches to the plant). Cut off a piece of leaf according to the amount of juice or smoothie you want to make. I usually use about 200-300g of fresh aloe vera gel per 800ml finished juice/smoothie. If you plan to make just one glass, then use about 2 tablespoons of gel.

Aloe Vera Slice

2. Cut away the spines which run along each side of the leaf.

Before you start to pare off the outer skin, known as the rind, you might find it easier to slice the leaf in half lengthwise.

Fillet aloe vera

3. Pare off the outer skin with a sharp knife.Start with the upper side of the leaf , and then the under side of the leaf.

Aloe Vera Gel

4. Wash the filleted gel pieces in cold water. The gel is very slippery so this is best done in a bowl rather than under the tap. I've lost numerous pieces down the drain that way!

You may have heard of whole leaf aloe vera juice, where the whole leaf is ground down and filtered to make the juice, including the rind and the bitter latex. You should avoid getting any of the rind or latex in your homemade juice though, as it has a strong laxative effect and can irritate the digestive system, causing cramping and diarrhea.

Aloe Vera Green Smoothie

5. Now you are ready to blend the fillets of aloe vera gel to make the aloe vera juice. You can blend the gel with water to make a pure aloe vera juice, or with either orange juice or a few drops of lemon juice for flavor. The citric acid in the fruit will also help stabilize the aloe vera juice and prevent oxidization for a short time.

Of course, you can also blend the aloe vera into any healthy fruit smoothie recipes.

6. Store the unused portion of the leaf upright in a plastic bag or box in cooler drawer at bottom of fridge, with the wider cut edge to the bottom. This will help drain off the bitter aloin before you next use it.

When you want to use the leaf again tomorrow, slice a narrow sliver off the base – you will see where gel is beginning to discolor due to oxidisation – just cut this off first and then your leaf is good to use again. Aim to use cut leaves within 3 or 4 days

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