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Hi,I hope this website has given you ideas and inspiration for preparing soups and smoothies as a means to a healthy diet and a new, healthier you.

I live in the beautiful, island paradise of Indonesia. As you might guess, being a tropical country Indonesia abounds with a huge array of delicious, tempting fruit and it has always made up a large part of our diet here.

Fruit and juice vendors can be found on any street corner selling fruit in every shape and form – whole fruit, fresh cut fruit, juices, smoothies and fruit desserts.

Eating Fresh Pineapple in Bali

Here’s a photo of me on my first trip to Bali almost 30 years ago. The pineapple I’m holding was deftly peeled and prepared in front of me in a matter of minutes. I’m now lucky enough to be able to buy sweet, juicy pineapple ready-prepared like this from my local fresh market – it’s no wonder that pineapple is one of my favorite smoothie ingredients.But despite living in Indonesia for over 25 years I didn’t start making smoothies until fairly recently, when I happened one day to be looking for a use for another locally abundant plant … aloe vera.
Although I was aware of the health benefits of aloe vera when used on the skin or hair, at that point I wasn’t even sure that aloe vera could in fact be eaten too.

A few minutes googling took me to the source of much of what I learned about aloe vera in those early days – Mike Adams' Natural News

website. Here I learnt that not only could you blend aloe vera into delicious fruit smoothies, but also that aloe vera provided substantial health benefits.
So I took a look in my fridge, started blending … and one thing lead to another. In no time I found my excess weight seemingly melt away.

I wish I could say that after 25 years of marriage and bringing up 5 gorgeous children I still had the figure in the photo above! But I’m getting there again.

Here’s a photo of me together with my 2 eldest sons – I had already lost over 15 lbs when this photo was taken. I hope that by the time our 3rd son graduates I will have lost another 15 lbs.

Yes ... I’m going to make that my next goal!

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