Buying a Smoothie Machine

What’s the difference between a smoothie machine and a blender?

A smoothie maker is basically a blender with a nifty tap on the front for dispensing the finished smoothie.

Smoothie machines work on the same principal as blenders in that the ingredients are placed in a jug and motorized blades chop and blend the ingredients to the required consistency. It goes without saying that a good smoothie blender should have a powerful enough motor to break down raw fruit, vegetables and even ice.

It should also have a stirring stick or tamper which can be inserted through the lid to push the ingredients down from the sides of the jug or jar into the blades. Similar to most blenders nowadays, the sides of the jug are usually marked with measures to make adding liquid quantities easier.

Again, if you’re thinking of buying this type of appliance look for a sturdy model with feet grips so that it doesn’t vibrate off the workbench!

Do I need a smoothie maker?

Although smoothie machines are basically just snazzy blenders, they are a nice addition to your kitchen. They are usually aesthetically well-designed and do look good sitting on the worktop. And that is the best place for any appliance – if it’s sitting right in front of you, you will find making healthy fruit smoothies a breeze each morning.

Although some people find the dispensing taps fiddly to clean, they do have advantages. If you have children, they will probably enjoy this “novelty” feature and it’s a great way to encourage children to join in a healthy diet plan. In addition, dispensing the smoothie through the tap means you don’t have to lift a heavy jug – and a glass jug can be very heavy when it’s full.

If you already have an immersion or hand-held blender for blending soups, or if you are simply a gadget freak, then a smoothie maker is probably a useful additional kitchen appliance.

If on the other hand you are looking for a versatile appliance in which you can make soups and smoothies, plus blend sauces and possibly even grind dry ingredients such as spices or coffee beans, then a blender is probably a better choice for you.

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