Do I need an Immersion Blender?

Quite simply, an immersion blender is one of those appliances you think you can do without … until you actually get the chance to try one out and realize what an amazing invention it is!

These simple kitchen tools are lightweight and convenient to both use and store.

Shaped like a wand, they are best for blending soft foods – and as such they are ideal for blending soups and sauces. The blades are situated on the end of the wand itself, which is long enough to reach into deep saucepans and jugs.

This gives the added advantage of being able to use it directly in the saucepan or bowl you are using at the time.

This in itself is reason enough to purchase one. If you’re going to be making lots of soups then the convenience and ease of use of a hand blender is a big plus.

No more transferring dangerously hot liquids from saucepan to blender jug, no more spills and messy clean-ups. Just imagine how many batches it takes to blend a saucepan full of soup – when it could all be done quickly and cleanly in the cooking pot!

You should also consider these features when choosing hand held blenders before asking yourself again -

Do I really need one?

Well, if you already have a counter-top blender, an immersion model is certainly not essential.

However most users swear by the convenience of an immersion blender – no need to lug a heavy blender or food processor from a deep cupboard all the time and they’re great for blending smaller quantities or hot liquids.

If you don’t already own a regular counter-top blender then you might consider buying an imersion blender for making amazing vegetable soups as part of a healthy diet plan.

But remember, a hand blender is not the best choice for making smoothies. Although you can blend soft fruits such as strawberries and bananas with such an appliance, they are not strong enough for blending raw, fibrous fruits and vegetables.

So if your budget is tight, a regular counter-top model is the best blender to begin with. It is definitely the most versatile appliance and you'll be able to make all the healthy soups and smoothies you want with it.

On the other hand, if you already own a neat smoothie machine but don’t like using it for blending soups, then go ahead and splash out on a hand blender.

Find out more about the Braun immersion blender,

which is the choice I made some months ago.

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