Healthy Diet Plan for Easy Weight Loss

Are you looking for a healthy diet plan?

One that offers easy, rapid weight loss?

The soup and smoothie diet is a healthy diet plan which combines nutritious vegetable soups and delicious fresh fruit aloe vera smoothies. The benefits of drinking raw juices or fruit smoothies are no secret.They are a great source of essential vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients and a juice or smoothie fast is a guaranteed method of achieving rapid weight loss.
But if you’ve ever tried moving from a typical western diet full of processed foods, overloaded with carbs and sugar, you’ve probably realized it’s not easy to stick to a diet of raw food smoothies however healthy they might be. And I don’t know about you, but however many times I try them, vegetable juices and smoothies never get to taste any better!

If you’re trying to lose weight, any health improvements are quickly lost as you abandon your fast or diet and revert to old eating habits. You often begin to crave warm, comforting foods and these cravings are not satisfied by juices and smoothies alone.

Healthy vegetable soups

Did you know that many scientific studies reveal that consuming soup is a great way to achieve a healthy weight loss? Soup is comforting, satisfying AND chock-a-block with nutrients the body needs. What’s more, soup is just as easy to make as a smoothie ... and only slightly more time consuming.

A rainbow diet

The simple soup and smoothie daily diet plan allows you to create your own delicious menus based on your favorite rainbow foods - fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs and spices - along with fresh aloe vera. There are no complicated recipes, no calories to count. No food to weigh, no fat grams or carbs to calculate. You don’t even need any special equipment as you probably already have a blender which you can use as a smoothie maker too.

The recipes

The color-coded homemade soup recipes and healthy smoothie recipes are really easy to remember. So are the principles behind them. Try to include the aloe vera if at all possible. Read the About Me page to discover exactly how this healthy diet plan helped me and the role the amazing aloe vera plant plays in it. When you’re busy juggling work, the kids’ schedules or a host of other commitments who has time to remember long lists of ingredients for every recipe? Why make weight loss and healthy eating so difficult when it’s really so simple? By basing your diet around soups and smoothies you'll quickly learn to reconnect with healthy food. You'll also learn how to prepare delicious soups and smoothies from scratch in half an hour a day.

Try the Soup and Smoothie Diet!

It's a healthy diet plan that is

  • simple
  • safe
  • effective
  • flexible
  • satisfying
  • bursting with 100% natural vital nutrients AND
  • banishes cravings

Read on to see how you can incorporate soups and smoothies into your diet today


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