Tips for Choosing Blenders for Smoothies

When you’re at blenders for smoothies these are some of the features you should be considering:

  • A high-power motor of at least 500 watts (2/3 hp). Anything less than this and you will struggle to blend smoothie ingredients such as carrots, apples, frozen fruit and ice. If you can't blend these into a smooth consistency you will not enjoy your healthy fruit smoothie recipes

    and be less inclined to make them daily.

  • The noise factor - some blenders for smoothies are noisy due to their powerful motors and/or the quality of the insulation. Will this be a problem in your home? (Consider that you'll probably be making smoothies first thing in the morning - will everyone else still be asleep then?)
  • A stirring stick to scrape ingredients from the sides and to push chunks of fruit or vegetable down into the blades of the smoothie blender is an indispensable feature
  • Speed controls - a good smoothie blender should have a minimum of 3-5 speeds
  • Size of the jug - anything less than one litre is probably impractical for making daily smoothies or large quantities of soup. If you want to make smoothies to freeze, or also have a family to make smoothies for, then go ahead and buy a larger capacity smoothies blender.
  • Jug material - this can be either glass or plastic. A glass jug will be scratch resistant and therefore more hygienic. It will also be very heavy when full.
  • If you are not choosing a smoothies blender with a tap dispenser, make sure the jug has a well-designed pouring spout
  • Check that the design of the jug and blade is easy to dismantle and clean
  • Are all the parts dishwasher-proof if this is important to you? If you don't have time to wash parts by hand, then look for a smoothie blender with dishwasher-proof parts
  • Stability and safety - blenders with a wide metal base and rubber feet grips ensure the blender will remain on your worktop - not on the floor
  • Weight - smoothies blenders can range in weight from around two to almost six kilograms. Consider whether you will be lifting your blender out of the cupboard each day or do you have room for it to sit on the counter-top? You may want to choose a lighter or heavier model accordingly

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