Buying Hand Held Blenders

Choosing hand held blenders really depends on budget and personal preference. Consider these tips to make sure you buy the right one for your cooking needs:

Plastic or stainless steel: a handheld blender with a steel blade is undoubtedly a better choice. It will be much more durables and will not stain as a plastic would

Corded or cordless: this is all down personal preference. A cordless imersion blender will probably have a wall mount where the appliance sits as it recharges its batteries. This ensures that your appliance is always handy for use.

If you prefer a corded model, look out for one where the cord is clearly directed away form the body of the appliance to make it easier to use.

Detachable wand: This will make washing up that much easier. You probably want the wand, or stick, to be dishwasher–proof too

Power: the motor needs to be powerful, especially if you plan to use it for chopping too

Attachments: chopping blade, whisk

And don’t forget the other uses for your hand blender – they’re ideal for pureeing small quantities so are perfect for healthy, homemade baby foods.

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