Braun Immersion Blender

A Braun immersion blender is one of the most reliable, versatile and durable hand held blenders around. Although it's one of the more expensive hand held blenders on the market, it is a top quality appliance that certainly one that lives up to expectations.

I switched to using a Braun handheld blender for making healthy soup recipes some time ago now. Although I was perfectly happy making blended diet soups with a regular counter-top blender at first, I now find it even easier using my handy Braun blender.

Braun appliances are powerful, and now I've experienced the convenience of using a hand held appliance there’s no going back. Although I would still maintain that a handheld blender is not an essential kitchen appliance, it sure does make tasks easier!

Braun Immersion Blender

When making soups I discovered that not only can I blend cooked vegetables conveniently in the saucepan, I can also use the hand blender for chopping the vegetables before cooking. Simple, convenient and very practical.

The blender shaft detaches easily from the handle so it's quick and easy to wash, and of course there are no extra unnecessary bowls and utensils to wash as I find that all the chopping and blending can be done in one pan.

Being cordless it can be used anywhere in the kitchen – on the counter top or stove without the hassle of trailing cables.

And it truly is handy. I can keep it on the wall mount ready to use rather than pulling my heavier counter-top blender out of the cupboard each time I need it.

According to reviews, the Braun handheld blender seems to have a good lifespan. The motor shouldn't give up quickly, as is likely with a cheaper appliance (although there’s always the one year warranty if it does).

You should probably go for the Braun Multiquick Professional Hand Blender if you plan to use an immersion blender frequently for a variety of kitchen tasks.

For simply blending soups you could get away with the regular Multiquick model, which is less powerful, has fewer speeds and is slightly cheaper. This is the model I use.

Even if you plan to buy a blender online, I would recommend a trip to a department store first to take a look at the different Braun blenders available.

There are so many different models to choose from that, as a first time buyer, I found being able to physically compare each model and see the attachments available was invaluable.

Until I bought a Braun immersion blender I didn’t realize exactly how much you could do with a hand held blender. Much much more versatile than I had imagined and, despite the price, a great appliance to have in the kitchen!

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