How to Freeze Blueberries

Find out how to freeze blueberries and learn about freezing berries of other kinds, such as strawberries and raspberries.

Freezing Blueberries

While blueberries and other hard skin berries retain their shape and texture well on freezing, soft berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries become soggy and watery as they defrost. This doesn’t matter at all when you're making smoothies as they still add a great taste no matter what shape they're in.

If you plan to make berry smoothies regularly it’s definitely worthwhile to stock up on fresh berries while they are plentiful and cheap and freeze the excess.

On fresh markets, farmers' markets and in supermarkets you can usually get a good deal on berries when they are in season. Look out for punnets of berries on special offer, buy in bulk and learn how to freeze blueberries and other kinds of berry so your smoothies are not only healthy but economical too.

Once you have plenty of blueberries in your freezer, why not try making this delicious blueberry smoothie recipe to start using them all up!

Follow these handy tips for freezing berries

  1. Sort the berries and discard any damaged or blemished berries. Remove the caps from strawberries with a sharp knife
  2. Wash the berries in cold water and drain well. Blot on kitchen paper to remove excess water. You will find that soft berries always retain some water and tend to become "icier" when frozen, but this is not a problem when using them for smoothies.
  3. Spread berries in a single layer on a large tray. You can use a metal baking tray or a plastic tray - either will do. It's easier to remove the berries if you line the tray with a piece of greaseproof paper first so they lift off easily. Placing the berries on a tray ensures that they freeze individually. This makes it much easier to take out just the quantity you need each time you make a frozen smoothie.
  4. Place the tray flat in the freezer and freeze until the berries are solid.
  5. When frozen, pack the berries in plastic freezer containers or seal in plastic freezer bags.
  6. Label plastic container or bag with name of berry and date before returning to the freezer

Rsspberry Punnets

Once you start freezing berries regularly you'll always have a good supply on hand to mix with other fruits in your healthy fruit smoothies recipes.

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