Eating Aloe Vera

The idea of eating aloe vera sounds very strange to many people.

Although I live in a country where fresh aloe vera can easily be found, for many years it never occurred to me to actually eat it.

Perhaps that is because in Indonesia the raw gel is usually used as a hair conditioner! Aside from it's use as a hair conditioner, you may also be familiar with the idea of using aloe vera externally to treat skin wounds or burns.

You might have seen processed juices and drinks in health food stores and, attracted by the many health benefits of aloe vera, may even have tried them.

But believe me, nothing can beat the addition of freshly filleted aloe vera to your own recipes, especially healthy fruit smoothie recipes.

In its raw state the health benefits of aloe vera have been well proven. It is known to alleviate the symptoms of many intestinal or digestive problems. Consuming the raw gel helps stimulate gastric juices and can eliminate discomfort arising from heartburn, reflux, stomach ulcers, indigestion and constipation.

It’s easy to prepare – follow these easy steps to fillet a fresh leaf to make aloe vera juice. and drink it daily for several weeks to appreciate the health benefits.

You will not only feel better on the inside, you’ll also start looking better from the outside as your skin takes on a clear, radiant glow and begins to look healthier and more youthful.

There are certain times when you should avoid eating aloe vera, such as during pregnancy and breast-feeding, or if you suffer from heavy periods or thyroid problems.

Other side effects are usually caused by long-term over consumption. Follow this link to find out more about potential aloe vera juice side effects caused by eating too much of this plant.

How else can you include aloe vera in a healthy diet plan?

Well although it is most frequently consumed in the form of juice or as an ingredient in aloe vera smoothies, it can also be cut into cubes and served in a fruit salad or included in any blended soup, especially uncooked soups.

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