Does Water Make You Lose Weight?

Can drinking more water make you lose weight? Well, did you know the human body is about 66% water? So it takes a lot of water to stay hydrated and keep ourselves healthy and fit.

Problems arise when we substitute other drinks instead of water to remain hydrated. Sweet, sugary soft drinks and juices, or cups of sweetened tea or coffee drunk throughout the day add on a hefty dose of calories. Many people take in 200 – 300 unnecessary calories each day just by drinking this kind of sweet beverage instead of water. That, amazingly, is enough to have us gain a good 20lb or almost 10 kg in a single year.

It follows that if you drink water to lose weight, you can avoid unintentional weight gain due to hidden sugars. Don’t make the mistake of thinking diet sodas are a great alternative to the sweetened varieties. The artificial sweeteners in diet sodas, although calorie free, are definitely not a healthy choice.

My kids know that we don’t have a fridge full of cans or bottles of soft drinks on a regular basis. That’s what they have as a treat if we eat out, or at holiday or party times. Yes, they love the stuff, but it’s definitely not part of our regular weekly shopping. As a rule, we all drink plenty of water to quench our thirst. And I try to drink water to lose weight too.

So, can water make you lose weight? On top of replacing sugary drinks, drinking water can also help you control your eating habits. Drinking water before a meal can take the edge off you appetite as it helps to fill your stomach before you start eating. Naturally, if you eat less, you’re going to consume fewer calories too.

Of course, you can drink other fluids to remain hydrated, but nothing beats water as a calorie-free thirst-quencher.

Go steady with tea and coffee unless you really enjoy it black and unsweetened. Half the problem with tea and coffee is trying to break the habit of accompanying it with a plateful of cakes or cookies. Quit the coffee and you may well find yourself consuming fewer sweet snacks too. In this way, you can lose weight with water.

Is it hard to break the coffee addiction? Try to get used to a cup of hot tea or a tall glass of refreshing ice tea. Aim to drink more tea than coffee as it contains less caffeine and is less likely to disturb your metabolism.

Drinking more water to lose weight is one of the easiest quick weight loss tips to follow.

It’s not difficult if you combine it with the soup and smoothie diet as part of a healthy diet plan.

Alongside plenty of water to lose weight you’ll be consuming smoothies and soups throughout the day, which are not only a source of great nutrition but will also keep your body healthily hydrated.

Drinking smoothies throughout the day will also make it easier for you to cut back on tea and coffee

So fill some bottles with water and stand them in the refrigerator so you have a ready supply of ice water to sip on throughout the day. Keep soft drinks and cordials for weekends or special occasions.

Focus on hydration with water only in addition to the diet soups and smoothies. Use green or herbal teas for variety and you will soon see how easy it is to cut out unhealthy sugary drinks and see how can water make you lose weight.

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