Soup and Smoothie Diet

A Soup and Smoothie Diet is a great way to lose weight quickly and easily.

Eliminate Processed Carbs

Basing your food intake on a healthy diet plan ensures your body gets all the nutrients it needs and at the same time eliminate dependency on processed foods, especially high carb and sugar content foods such as bread, pasta, cakes and suchlike.

Learn to cut out breakfast breads and pastries by having a mixed fruit smoothie in the morning. Stop relying on sandwiches and takeaways for lunch and have either a low carb, low fat fruit smoothie or vegetable soup instead.

Hungry? Then nibble on a piece of fruit or raw vegetable. Even better, have a high protein snack consisting of a roast chicken portion, boiled egg, can of tuna or any other high protein, low fat food.

Homemade, natural foods

Rather than consuming diet smoothies based on processed high protein powders or mixes, meal replacement shakes and other similar products, you could easily be making healthy blended fruit drinks at home.

You’ll know exactly what’s in them – and what’s not! Unlike store bought smoothies that are likely to be loaded with either natural or artificial sugars and sweeteners, follow these healthy fruit smoothie recipes and learn to make your own to enjoy each day.

Fruit smoothies are also an excellent medium for other health boosting, nutrient-packed ingredients. I never fail to add fresh aloe vera to mine.

And did you know you could freeze them too? What could be more convenient than having a supply ready to take out of the freezer each morning ready for the day ahead.

It’s the same for soups – all can be prepared in advance and stored in your freezer for the days ahead. And there’s so much more variety than “cabbage soup”!

Take a look at these healthy soup recipes

for some quick ideas to start with.

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