Free Diet Program based on Soups and Smoothies

Take a look at this free diet program to see how easy it is to make up a weekly diet plan for the healthy Soup and Smoothie Diet

You can adjust this plan to make any color combinations you like, so long as you don't consume the same color soup and smoothie on any one day.

Drink the fruit smoothie throughout the morning, along with a piece of fruit if you're hungry.

Drink one or two portions of vegetable soup in the late afternoon or evening, and snack on a high protein food such as chicken or any lean meat, an egg, some fish, or a small portion of beans or lentils. Or try a small sandwich made with wholewheat bread and a protein filling if you fell extra hungry.

Smoothie Soup Snacks
Sunday Orange Green
Monday Purple Red
Tuesday Red Orange
Wednesday Green Purple
Thursday Orange Red
Friday Purple Green
Saturday Red Orange

Healthy Vegetable soup Recipes

Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes

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